Optimize Microsoft Azure with App Services

Curious about how your business can benefit from implementing the Azure App Services?

Let our Digital6 Technologies team work with you to maximize the use of your Azure cloud platform by creating and deploying mission-critical web applications. Azure App Services is a service for hosting web applications, REST APIs and mobile back ends. It efficiently supports both Windows and Linux platforms. It is flexible and scalable.

When to Use App Services

Why do you need a app services? Check out these basic types of web apps to see what applies to your business:

  • Online retail web apps that can be complicated with product listings, payments systems and order management
  • Static web apps can be used for procedure manuals, training curriculum, product portfolios, contact info display on a home page or any other info that does not change
  • Dynamic web apps using databases with text and images that are updated in real time as users access them
  • Portal web apps to access sections through a home page; e.g. forums, email, instant messaging, and latest content
  • Web apps with content management systems such as WordPress which you might use for a corporate blog or a news feed

Still not sure why you would want to deploy Azure web apps?

Talk with one of our Digital6 specialists who can review your operations and point out all the possibilities for enhancing your current IT system. After all, it is just building on the cost effective internet services that are the communication mainstay of all business operations.

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    Key Features

    Want a little more technical info? Look at the key features of Azure Web Apps:

    Multiple languages and frameworks

    Excellent support for ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Java, Ruby, PHP and Python.

    DevOps optimization

    Benefit from the many options for rapid, continuous integration and deployment such as Visual Studio Team Services, GitHub, BitBucket, Docker Hub or Azure Container Registry.

    Global scale

    You can host your web apps anywhere in Microsoft’s global datacenter infrastructure with assurances of high availability.

    Connections to SaaS platforms and on-premises data

    Dozens of connectors are available for enterprise systems, SaaS services and internet services and options for accessing on-premises data.

    Security and compliance

    Web apps service is compliant with ISO, SOC and PCI with secure log-ins and Identity management.

    Application templates

    An extensive list of application templates is available in the Azure Marketplace.

    API and mobile features

    Web apps service simplifies mobile apps use and provide support for REST API.

    Serverless code

    You can run a code snippet or script on demand and pay only for the compute time actually used.

    Get Started

    Our team at Digital6 Technologies is ready for you to take advantage of their experience, qualifications and expertise. We will walk you through your operations to identify where and how web apps would strengthen your internal and external data collection, storing and sharing and general communications.

    We can then recommend next steps to create and deploy mission critical web applications, customized to your business.

    It’s time to benefit from implementing the Azure Web Apps Services!

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