AI Cognitive Services
by Digtal6 Technologies

Re-imagine your business fully supported by artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive services.

Your SMB or startup will be more efficient, productive and customer friendly. Clients, staff, vendors and service partners will thank you for being so strategic.

AI is not something to be afraid of. It is simply a simulation of human thought processes embedded in machines that are programmed to think like people. It does not take over your job. You still make all the decisions.

Read through the info below and take the time to consider how it might apply to your business operations. You’ll discover there are AI technology tools for:

  • Making better decisions based on the collection and analysis of accurate, reliable, big data
  • Increasing communication effectiveness in all areas of business
  • Improving security to protect your clients, workforce, proprietary info and financial transactions
“Some people call this artificial intelligence, but the reality is this technology will enhance us. So instead of artificial intelligence, I think we’ll augment our intelligence.”

Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM quoted in Forbes

Intelligent Decision Making with AI
A recent post in Forbes outlines the advantages of making decisions based on AI augmented analytics. From a truck driver choosing a delivery route for the day or a retail buyer deciding on product to a financial officer developing the annual budget, the use of AI cognitive services greatly reduces human error even in SMBs.


What are AI Cognitive Services?

AI imitates the cognitive functions that are essential to all your successful business processes, including:

Decision Making

AI can supplement your judgment in making smarter decisions faster by:

    • Quickly and accurately identifying anomalies in content, increasing reliability
    • Monitoring appropriateness of narrative and images and filters according to criteria you set
    • Recognizing key indicators to create personalized, relevant experiences for each user
Time for the International Market?
Sell your service or product in 60 languages. Even SMBs can afford AI-powered translation systems.


Extract meaning from unstructured text by:

  • Facilitating increased understanding of text through audio and visual cues
  • Creating a language model specific to the content domain you need to build into apps, bots and IoT devices
  • Creating a conversational Q&A layer over existing data that will continually build a knowledge base as users interact with it
  • Recognize info such as keywords, feelings, opinions and named entities
  • Recognize and translate many other languages, including non–Latin alphabets
Need Enhanced Online Security?
Use AI technology to prevent fraud online. Reduce risk of e-commerce payment fraud. Verify online customers onboarding transportation and checking into hotels.


Integrate speech processing into apps and services with:

    • Customizable, real time capacity to convert speech into accurate text in spite of unique speaking patterns, vocabularies and ambient noise
    • Customized text to speech solutions that sound naturally human and appropriate for your business
    • Speech translation fully integrated
    • Individual speech enrollment for future speech recognition and verification
Deploy Human Speak
Use AI powered apps to convert written text to life-like voices for automated call centers, interactive devices, hands-free communication, even children’s toys. Chatbots are efficient for both external interface and internal communication.


Analyze content in images by:

    • Embedding the latest vision technology in your own apps so you can dive deep into the content in images such as text, brands and landmarks
    • Customizing image recognition for your unique needs
    • Identifying and comparing human faces, aggregating similar faces and tracking previously identified people
    • Quickly extracting key info from documents and converting to usable business data
    • Recognizing handwriting in digital ink, in many languages and converting it to text so it’s searchable
    • Extracting metadata from video and audio channels for use in creating new business opportunities
Maximize Web Search Analytics for Marketing
An AI enhanced search could include query volume and frequency, geographic distribution, website comparisons, competition stats, trends and other predictive info to support the success of your marketing campaign.

Web Search

Install AI cognitive search technology that is super fast, ad-free, secure and can:

    • Search and find relevant info from text, images, news and videos
    • Retrieve robust statistics for planning and decision making
    • Enhance the search with analytics to identify and interpret trends and relationships
    • Identify and fix confusing language and text formats; e.g. word breaks, slang, spelling errors
    • Customize criteria for ranking answers; e.g. type, source, timeliness, location, child friendly
    • Break down data silos for increased efficiency

Are There Risks in Using AI Services?

You are taking no more risks than you would installing any technology that requires a new budget line, staff training and work adjustment.

Let’s get a couple of myths out of the way:

  • AI is not a scary creature that will take over your business.

You still make all the decisions about the fully customizable solutions available for your SMB, no matter what the sector.

  • AI is not just for larger, big budget enterprises.

The Digital6 team knows how to ensure cost effectiveness and enhanced productivity for any size of business.

The Digital6 Technologies specialists will work with you to mitigate any real or perceived risk by creating protocol for:

  • Implementing robust AI quality assurance
  • Addressing any regulatory or ethical issues
  • Regularly evaluating ROI and business turnover

Who Needs AI Cognitive Services?

AI cognitive services can support all your SMB business processes in whatever industry you work, including:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Communication

AI technology is already embedded in much of what we do every day. Chatbots. Speech to text on our smartphones. Marketing calls. Translation apps. Smart homes. It’s now your turn to take ownership of AI tools that will strengthen your business.

“It is difficult to think of a major industry that AI will not transform. This includes healthcare, education, transportation, retail, communications, and agriculture. There are surprisingly clear paths for AI to make a big difference in all of these industries.”

Andrew Ng, Computer Scientist and Global Leader in AI – quoted in Forbes

Benefits of AI Cognitive Services for SMBs

Consider just these few primary benefits for deploying AI technology across your business:

  • Data usage

Both the quantity and quality of the data generated by the business will inform better decision making.

  • Analytics software

AI-powered competitive analysis tools are available to track your competitors’ activities; no more guessing about changes that will impact you.

  • Improved marketing strategies

You will be able to target larger, more specific audiences.

  • Customer service

Greatly improved customer service is inevitable with AI technology.

  • Time and money

AI cognitive services can take over tedious, repetitive work or even specific one-time projects so employees can continue to focus on your core business.

Strategy for Deploying AI Cognitive Services

Before jumping to any specific product, take time to consider these basic guidelines for planning AI services for your SMB or startup:

  • Work with existing platforms

You don’t have to invest in developing your own AI. Digital6 specialists can recommend existing platforms such as Microsoft Azure AI and IBM Watson. (links to separate pages)

  • Start small

Take your time and use a phased approach to developing your AI capacity, building on your current business processes.

  • Democratize AI

The first step in making AI cognitive services available and accessible to everyone is to make sure your own employees and service partners understand what AI is and how you are moving ahead with it. Involve them in the design and decision making so everyone is on board and enthusiastic.

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