Cloud Services for Boise Businesses

Digital6 offers full service cloud cover for startups and growing SMBs in all industries. We use the flexible cloud platform of either Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure to build, deploy, migrate, secure and then manage your applications across a worldwide network using our automation and optimization services. The opportunities and benefits will become obvious as we work through the options with you.


Customized Cloud Architecture

Our Digital6 cloud services specialists will sit down with you to talk through your operations in order to:

  • Assess readiness to move to the cloud
  • Identify and analyze the scope of your business needs
  • Design front end and back end architecture to optimize cloud computing
  • Provide proof of concept
  • Support development of business case

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Not ready for cloud only services? Our solutions architect consultant can design a hybrid model that allows a seamless combination of your onsite data center and public cloud data storage with encryption features. The result is a robust network of secure connections with a hybrid database and storage solution. It’s all up to you.

Cloud Migration

Our Digital6 team will design and implement a migration strategy so your data, apps and any other business elements you want to move to the cloud. Whether it is an AWS migration or an Azure migration, we will ensure a functional sequencing while maintaining security.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Digital6 is completely confident in the security, privacy and compliance practices and features of both AWS and Azure platforms. Our specialists will work with you to determine the scope of the need for regular data backup and to develop a cloud disaster recovery plan that includes ongoing testing. This is the best of cloud data encryption and protection at an enterprise level.

Cloud Security

Security of data is the highest priority for Digital6 cloud consultants. As your business grows, security issues can become more complex. Both AWS and Azure platforms include firewalls, encryptions and the latest malware protection.

Internet of Things (IoT)

With the connection of an increasing number of devices to the internet (IoT), there is a growing need for a more robust IT infrastructure support to transmit and store all the data. The limitless capacity of cloud computing will accommodate as much data as you can generate to ensure your business thrives.

Cloud Consulting

Use full service cloud consulting from Digital6 for excellent results from the initial solution analysis and architecture design to developing and implementing the policies and processes for security, data backup, disaster recovery and incorporating IoT. Our cloud consultants practice due diligence to ensure a seamless transition of data, apps and other business elements from your onsite servers to the cloud. They are also available for training and supporting your personnel as the cloud services roll out.

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