Managed IT Services for Boise Businesses

SMB and startup owners such as yourself are focused on establishing and growing your business. In order to provide the best possible product or service you have your hands full developing your brand and building your customer base. You want to make sure you deploy your resources wisely.


The Challenge

No matter what industry you work in, you want an efficient, cost effective IT system that supports all your business processes. Also, you want the best security features possible, so your customer data, proprietary information and financial transactions are protected.

Even if you or one of your staff is tech savvy, it’s almost a waste of valuable resources to manage your own technology systems. Use your IT specialist(s) strategically to create innovative technology directly related to producing business revenue. Don’t waste their time at everyone’s beck and call, doing routine system maintenance and updates while trying to keep on top of emerging privacy, security and compliance issues.


The Solution

Engage a Managed Services Provider such as Digital6 Technologies to look after your IT systems. Our team provides end-to-end service from recommending business tools to ensuring network security.


System Design

Our Digital6 experts will work with you to design an IT system that meets the current needs of your business and lays the foundation for expansion, including:

Most technology today is cloud based. But, if you aren’t ready to migrate to the cloud, Digital6 specialists will make sure you have the best possible onsite services and tools or perhaps a hybrid solution.


Deploy the Technology

There are three parts to successful implementation of IT technology:

  • Install the right tools
  • Develop policies and procedures for use
  • Train end users


System Management

Digital6 offers ongoing remote monitoring of your information technology to:

  • Identify problems and fix them before your business is disrupted
  • Alert management to incidents
  • Submit monthly status reports
  • Provide advanced threat analytics
  • Manage access, devices and apps


Ongoing Support

Digital6 provides ongoing technical support through:

  • 24/7 Help Desk
  • Tickets


The Benefits

There are obvious benefits to partnering with a Managed Services Provider to look after your IT system, including:

  • Efficiency

You and your employees can focus on business productivity, confident that Digital6 is looking after your integrated information systems.

  • Cost Effectiveness

You are spending money only for IT services and tools that you are using. Any in-house IT work is focused on business results.

  • Security

As a Managed Services Provider, Digital6 keeps on top of emerging IT trends, particularly security issues and solutions so you are always working with the latest information.

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