Compliance support.  Customer privacy. Proprietary security.

Is your business governed by a regulatory body?
Are you concerned about the privacy of customer data?
Do you operate with proprietary processes and products?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you know that information security is a primary consideration for choosing your IT systems. You do not want to expose your business information and processes to malware attacks.

Digital6 Technologies has the experience and expertise to ensure the security, compliance and privacy requirements of your business as it moves critical and sensitive information into the cloud. Work with our Digital6 team to identify your needs so you can have a carefree confidence in your entire IT system.

Some of the best tools are add-ons to Microsoft Office 365:

  • Email Encryption with industry standard templates, encrypted outgoing emails and message tracking
  • Email Archiving with unlimited storage to retain all emails, timed paper trails and compliance with discovery requests
  • Email Continuity with access to synchronized emergency mailboxes and elimination of downtime

Security is integrated right across your IT system. It works anywhere, anytime, online on all the devices used by your workforce.

Our Digital6 Technologies specialists can recommend and implement the most advanced protection about malware, spam and viruses.

Even if you feel you are not ready to move all your data to the cloud, speak with our specialists about the best way to collect, store and manage data on site.

Contact Digital6 now to start the conversation that will increase your confidence around your IT security.