Office 365 + Email Archiving = Data Retention

Your business emails contain correspondence with your work team, partners and customers. Often they include attachments about order, processes and products. It is often an email trail that tracks project decisions, commitments to customer or other operational processes.

Are you confident that you have all important emails stored somewhere safe? Often, they are scattered throughout the operation in folders held by various team members. Other times, someone assumes that a colleague had kept track of all pertinent information.

Do not take the chance of losing important information covered in emails.

Let Digital6 add Email Archiving to your Office 365 plan to keep all emails secure and accessible, even those from deactivated accounts.

Take a look at this summary of the Office 365 and the Email Archiving features available from Digital6 Technologies.

Now, review in more detail how Digital6 specialists can add the Email Archiving features to the various Office 365 plans.

Start the conversation with the Digital6 Technologies team to explore the full suite of cloud services from email, security, backup and collaboration to the details of how Email Archiving applies to your business operations.