Office 365 + Cloud Voice = Integrated Phone Services

Have you ever phoned your office and tried to find your way through the automated instructions? Or, phoned in and be put on hold, minute after minute?

Perhaps you just take for granted that your fairly new phone system is adequate. After all, you successfully receive and make calls on it every day. Why not ask Digital6 Technologies to review its effectiveness from the point of view of an external caller and your own team?

You might decide to complete your move to the cloud with Office 365 and a Cloud Voice business grade phone system from Digital6 Technologies.

If you really want to create an efficient, user friendly system for partners and customers to communicate with your team by phone, it’s time to explore all the features available with the Cloud Voice solution from Digital6 Technologies.

Look at the totally integrated, affordable protection Digital6 can implement for your business.

Start the conversation with the Digital6 Technologies team to explore the full suite of cloud services from email, security, backup and collaboration to the details of how Cloud Voice applies to your business operations.