Office 365 + ShareSync = Complete Restoration

Are you ready to improve your productivity and protect your business critical data? 

Digital6 can guarantee a secure backup, sync and file share function by adding ShareSync to your Office 365 functions. Check out the summary of features below for an integrated solution.

ShareSync from Digital6 Technologies will provide peace of mind in the case of a malware attack, particularly a ransomware demand. You will not experience costly downtime and compromised data.

Any infected section of data is isolated while work continues on any clean device with data from a pre-attack point in time.

Look at the totally integrated, affordable protection Digital6 can implement for your business.

If you already know your preferred version of Office 365, look below to see how all its features are enhanced by ShareSync.

Start the conversation with the Digital6 Technologies team to explore the full suite of cloud services from email, security, backup and collaboration to the details of how ShareSync applies to your business operations.