Data Backup and Recovery for Boise Businesses

Prevent the disaster results of losing your business critical data.

Whether it is customer data, financial transactions, proprietary product or process information or any other essential business files, you cannot afford to lose access to your IT system.

Don’t think it can’t happen to a small to mid-sized business or startup even with a techie onsite. Think of the possibilities: hackers, natural disasters, user carelessness, device failure or even a planned downtime that goes wrong. Data loss events do not discriminate.

If you have been trying to use your own secondary hardware and software for backup, you already know how difficult and costly it is to keep up your defences on all sides. You need to plan a quick, complete response for recovery from an IT disaster.

Purpose of Disaster Recovery Solution

IT disaster recovery is an important part of a larger business continuity plan which is necessary to:

  • Restore operations.

You will have to decide what timeliness is for your particular business. Customers will be understanding, but not for long. Can you afford to be down longer than a few hours? How does downtime affect your employees?

  • Comply with regulations.

If your SMB needs to comply with industry regulations, you will want to make sure your solution is adequate to ensure compliance. Downtime or working from a different location does not exempt you from due diligence.

  • Reduce risk.

Your inability to collect, store, access and use business data for any period of time can put your business at risk from dissatisfied customers and diminished investor confidence or from loss of products and materials.

Digital6 Technologies Solution

The Digital6 Technologies team has complete cloud solutions to ensure your business continuity in case of an IT disaster. Our specialists are certified with both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. We can provide cloud based disaster recovery technology that is customized just for your business operations.

Microsoft Azure

Azure from Microsoft is an affordable, cloud based solution for disaster recovery for all sizes of businesses. It will keep your data and apps safe and available, no matter what the cause of your downtime. You will be restored quickly to your usual business processes. Data management, security and protection are all included in this first class solution.

Digital6 specialists use Azure Site Recovery with all its tools to protect your data plus value added services. You might be interested in discussing options such as disaster recovery drills, workload monitoring, and incident reporting.

There are three versions of Azure Site Recovery:

  • Site-to-Azure

This option offers many unique benefits, including:

  • Replication of on-premises workloads
  • Cost effectiveness with pay-as-you-go and reduced capital costs
  • Certified support for SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange and Dynamics AX
  • Protection of heterogeneous environments such as Hyper-V and physical servers from a single console
  • Minimization of errors with one-click failover
  • Capacity to run disaster recovery tests that do not impact operations
  • Azure-to-Azure

This version of disaster recovery offers all the Site-to-Azure features plus:

  • Geo-replication in regions where its make sense for Azure customers
  • Ability to deliver premium SLAs and High Availability services for business critical applications
  • Premium protection against operational and human errors with intra-cloud disaster recovery and backup
  • Site-to-Site

If you want to leverage our own secondary datacenter as the recovery target, Azure can provide tools for replicating workloads. With Site Recovery, Digital6 can work with you to streamline the failover process and develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. Additional benefits include:

  • Automated replication and policy based protection for Hyper-V/VMware virtual machines and physical servers
  • One-click, orderly recovery of apps to an alternate site
  • Support for heterogeneous environments with tested disaster recovery solutions

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Amazon Web Services

Digital6 Technologies specialists are able to deploy the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solution for fast disaster recovery of your critical IT business system. No matter what size your workload, AWS can support the disaster recovery architecture that is just right for you. And, because AWS has regional data centers internationally, they can guarantee rapid recovery of your IT infrastructure and data files.

The Digital6 team is more than ready to discuss the benefits of installing AWS for disaster recovery, including:

  • Responsiveness

You can have confidence in fast disk-based storage and retrieval of file

  • Compliance

Rapid file retrieval ensures ongoing compliance with your industry regulations avoiding fines and disciplinary action

  • Cost Effectiveness

No expense for installing and maintaining hardware and software in a secondary physical site

  • Elasticity

Volume of data can be added quickly whether permanent increase or intermittent surges

  • Secure

Secure and durable cloud disaster recovery platform with industry-recognized certifications and audits.

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Install a Solution for Disaster Recovery

Don’t wait for a disaster to sideswipe your business. You do not need data loss, unhappy customers and production stoppages.

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