Cloud Backup Services for Boise Businesses

Digital6 Technologies understands that even a small to mid-sized business or startup generates enough critical data and other sensitive information to need a secure backup service.

What data would you need to access if your IT system experienced a data loss event?

No matter what the cause – hacker, natural disaster, hardware failure or employee carelessness  ̶  you want to recover all your critical files, both current and archived, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Be prepared. Back up your locally stored data.

A successful data backup strategy for any SMB or startup needs to:

  • Cover data and files in all operating systems and devices
  • Operate in real time

Be efficient, user friendly, absolutely reliable and cost effective

Purpose of Data Backup as a Service

The purpose of the Digital6 model of Data Backup as a Service is to ensure:

  • Your business data is efficiently and accurately copied from original files to the cloud
  • All the backup data is available for recovery immediately after the deletion or corruption of original
  • Data from an earlier time is retained and available according to a data retention policy you determine; e.g. what data, length of time stored, in what format
  • Data and files needed for compliance with regulations and industry standards are accessible

Key Features of Data Backup

The primary features of an effective system for data backup to the cloud include:

  • Reliability at a minimum of 99.9%
  • Security built into transit, storage and access protocols
  • Compliance with regulatory or industry requirements such as HIPPA, ISO, or PCI DSS
  • Flexibility so you can schedule timing of data backups
  • Scalability so you can scale your capacity up or down as needed
  • Pay-as-you-go so you are not paying for functions and features you don’t use
  • 24/7 support from certified technicians

Prepare for Data Backup

The Digital6 Technologies team can work with you to prepare to back up all your data. To be most efficient, it is important to:

  • Make decisions about data repository model; e.g. geographic, redundancy, data security, portability
  • Optimize data to be copied, including compression, encryption and deduplication

Digital6 Technologies Options for Data Backup in the Cloud

The Digital6 Technologies team is certified with both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure and can customize either. You will have a data backup solution on a cloud platform designed for your specific business requirements.

Microsoft Azure

Digital6 can install Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform to provide secure backup that works seamlessly with other Microsoft software and services. It includes all the latest functions for database, storage, mobile and web services, all supported by the global network of Microsoft datacenters. It’s definitely a platform to help you keep your critical information backed up securely.

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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Digital6 also offers Amazon Web Services (AWS), a secure, high-performance, flexible, and easy-to-use cloud computing platform. It offers tools to integrate, import/export and store data with the kind of flexibility and scalability needed by startups and SMBs that are poised to expand. With the most up to date tools and resources available, AWS can be used to build scalable backup solutions.

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Benefits of Data Backup

Even reluctant users quickly see the benefits of data backup in the cloud, including:

  • Integration with current IT systems through secure connections and storage solutions
  • Flexible accommodation of many operating systems, tools, databases and devices
  • Automated and accurate data collection, transmission and storage
  • Reduced capital and storage costs
  • Pay-as-you-go cost effectiveness 

Is it time to backup your critical business information?

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