• Are you and your employees spending time administering IT processes instead of focusing on growing your small to mid-sized business?
  • Is your startup sputtering because of a scattered, labor intensive, inefficient technology?
  • Are you regularly spending money to update computer hardware?
  • Is data security and compliance an ongoing concern?
  • Do you need a flexible technology for your mobile workforce?

If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, you are ready for data migration to the cloud. It is time to call in Digital6 Technologies to make sure the move is cost effective, efficient and hassle free.

Challenges of Data Migration

There is no need to be overwhelmed by the challenges of data migration. Good planning will greatly reduce the risk of problems during all phases of the move.

  • Buy-in.

Data migration is not just a task for IT personnel. Every user in your company needs to buy into the concept. Even if you, as the business owner, are fully committed to data migration, it might still be a hard sell to all your employees. Any change, especially one that appears to move business critical information away from them, is difficult and requires a solid rationale with relevant examples.

  • Planning.

Plan the process, allowing sufficient time so there is no need to rush. Identify the tools. Prepare the data, making sure to cull duplicate files and update and consolidate what is moving. Train the users.

  • Cost.

Do not underestimate or try to skimp on your budget for data migration. Be realistic about the scope of the task, and the costs of affordable third party IT support and the actual setup in the cloud. Consider this money a long term investment, quickly recovered from reductions in capital expenses and IT staff time and increased productivity.

  • Business continuity

Good planning means as little downtime and disruption as possible so business operations continue as usual; e.g. migrate only during overnight hours.

  • Data loss

Losing data from the legacy system is one of the highest risks in data migration. You need a process of reconciliation to identify any discrepancies.

  • Data corruption

There is always the risk that data will become compromised during the migration process. Send noncritical files first to test.

  • Security levels

It is necessary to determine the right level of security for moving sensitive business information from your on-premises network to the cloud.

  • Migration delays.

Moves will take longer than expected if you did not take the time for realistic, detailed planning. People begin to rush which leads to human error such as using the wrong delimiter so work has to be done twice.

  • Post migration validation.

No matter how good the plan, take time after the first batch is migrated to make sure the data is accurate and in the right format.

  • Document the process.

Preserve an audit trail of who did what with which data, especially if you need to comply with industry regulations.

Digital6 Technologies Solutions for Data Migration

Data migration for a small to mid-sized business is best accomplished with a third party IT specialist who understands the challenges and can provide the right information and tools.

The Digital6 Technologies team is ready to work with you to:

  • Assess your business needs
  • Develop and implement a plan for migration
  • Recommend and install the best tools
  • Provide user training
  • Provide ongoing support and monitoring

Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure

Digital6 Technologies can ease the transition to cloud services with the Microsoft Azure platform, the complete solution for reliable, secure file management. Microsoft has integrated many cloud services into the Azure cloud platform that allows you to design, implement and manage applications through their worldwide data center network. If you are not ready to move all your business data completely to the cloud, Digital6 can work with you to develop a hybrid model.

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Amazon Web Service

AWS is a cloud services platform ready to use for any kind of workload. It offers tools to integrate, import/export and store data with the kind of flexibility and scalability needed by startups and SMBs that are poised to expand. Very quickly Digital6 can help you have a high performance database ready to be deployed, perhaps on a prepackaged app such as Microsoft SharePoint.

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Benefits of Data Migration

After you migrate all your business data and other sensitive information to the cloud, you will wonder why you waited so long. The benefits will be obvious, including:

  • Integrated services for information collection/creation, storage, transmission and usage
  • Increased business agility
  • Rapid disaster recovery after security breach or natural disaster
  • Protection from data loss or compromise
  • Increased productivity with easier yet more secure access and limited onsite IT support
  • Cost effective as you pay only for services used and have a minimal need for hardware and IT specialists onsite

If you are not ready to totally trust the cloud, Digital6 can work with you to develop a hybrid model that retains some data on your premises. We can answer your questions and concerns.

It’s never too soon to start the conversation!

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