Data Privacy

There are two primary stakeholders who need to have complete confidence in their response to privacy issues:

  • You as the business owner
  • Your customers who share their personal and/or business data with you

The reasons for recognizing the need for privacy are obvious:

Business critical information

Info about hardware components development and manufacturing, software development and adaptations, research work and results, financial statements, service agreements and other data essential to the success of your operation needs to be securely transmitted, stored and accessed.

Many industries are governed by data privacy regulations such as Fair Credit Reporting Act to protect consumer data, SEC disclosure rules for publicly traded companies or HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules for healthcare services.


Financial liability

Even if there are no compliance requirements, you can still be liable for loss of data, demonstrated by the recent settlements resulting from hackers finding their way into the Ashley Madison client database.

Any breach of information can lead to costly downtime in situations such as ransomware interrupting production lines and to “ransoms” such as the average hack of 675 small business in 2014 costing $20,000.



Your clients want to have the utmost confidence in your business. Being able to assure them that your proprietary data for operations and their client data is well protected establishes your credibility in the industry.

The Digital6 Technologies team makes sure that your customer data:

  • Is never “mined” for information to promote other products and services
  • Is stored wherever in the world you want it kept and you always have full access
  • Cannot be accessed by any government agency without all the documents, warrants and due process in place and, even then, only the minimum data required is provided