Data Privacy in Legal Services

There are two primary stakeholders who need to have complete confidence in your technological response to privacy issues:

  • You as the lawyer or other member of the legal services firm
  • Your clients who share their extremely personal data or allow you to collect it from a third party

There are obvious reason for recognizing the need for privacy:

  • Regulations

There are government regulations and ABA standards that expect your compliance for the sake of privacy and security.

  • Client confidentiality

Info about clients from basic demographic data, background information, incriminating facts and even confessions to discussions of strategies all need to be securely collected, transmitted, stored and accessed.

  • Client expectations

Your clients expect their information will be shared only with those to whom they have given permission or as is required by law.

  • Administrative privacy

You will limit access to the admin infrastructure, including the processing of billings, and reporting compliance requirements.

  • Financial liability

You can be held liable for breach of privacy such as loss of sensitive, confidential data.

  • Reputation

Your client absolutely need to have the utmost confidence in your service. Being able to assure them that all data you collect about them is well protected helps establish your credibility and a trusting relationship.

The Digital6 Technologies team makes sure that your client information and other confidential data:

  • Is never “mined” for information
  • Is stored wherever in the world you want it kept and you always have full access

Cannot be accessed by any government agency or other third party without all the documents, warrants, permissions and due process in place and, even then, only the minimum data required is provided