Data Security in Healthcare

Not all publicity is good publicity.

The media puts out a constant barrage of stories about breached IT security. Unfortunately, many healthcare facilities are particularly vulnerable. The UK’s National Health Service system, and many US and Canadian hospitals have been the objects of cyber attacks in the last year.

These organizations have had varying kinds of backup but even a few hours of downtime might mean critical test results or emergency treatment plans are inaccessible. The results can be particularly serious in healthcare as the hackers well know. In the last few years, an increasing number of lawsuits have been filed for data breach in healthcare services.

You do not want your medical practice or healthcare facility to be featured in similar headlines. You want to have confidence that you have put in place all the safeguards possible to protect your data. The specialists at Digital6 Technologies can work with you to design and implement an IT cloud cover that will give you complete peace of mind.

Digital6 Technologies understands the importance of all aspects of data security. Typically, the three main areas of data protection are:

  • Transit
  • Storage
  • Access

In addition, the processing and movement of healthcare data is complicated these days by the industry’s goal of interoperability. Healthcare providers and researchers have long advocated for file sharing through a robust Electronic Health Records (EHR) system. Although this kind of efficient, cost effective collaboration delivers the best of patient care, it is also susceptible to security breaches across various sectors and networks.

Digital6 specialists are well aware of the vulnerability of the patient data and exercise great diligence in identifying and recommending specific IT features for securing data for healthcare services:

  • Encrypted email and other data transmission
  • Off-site backup options
  • Compliance with any pertinent regulations
  • Strict access permissions
  • Single sign-in
  • Remote functions for mobile users; e.g. data wipe; anti-malware protection
  • Real time alerts for security breaches
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Secure collaboration protocol

After a thorough assessment of the IT security needs of your business, the Digital6 team will recommend the business tools that are just right for you. All their options are well researched, tested and proven successful in the field.

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