Data Security in Legal Services

Data security is a often the deciding factor when clients choose a law firm. You want to be prepared to explain clearly and succinctly how you are safeguarded from loss, unauthorized access, changes or disclosure, including:

  • Security of your premises
  • Restricted access to files
  • Technological protection such as firewalls and security software
  • Security policies, procedures and training
  • Ongoing monitoring of data security system

Digital6 Technologies understands the importance of all aspects of data security. Typically, the three main areas of data protection are:

  • Transit
  • Storage
  • Access

In addition, the processing and movement of personal legal data is complicated these days by file sharing within your legal service or across systems to another service. Although such data transactions might be efficient and produce great results for your client, they are also susceptible to security breaches across various sectors and networks.

Digital6 specialists are well aware of the vulnerability of the client data and exercise great diligence in identifying and recommending specific IT features for securing data for legal services:

  • Encrypted email and other data transmission
  • Off-site backup options
  • Compliance with any pertinent regulations
  • Strict access permissions
  • Single sign-in
  • Remote functions for mobile users; e.g. data wipe; anti-malware protection
  • Real time alerts for security breaches
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Secure collaboration protocol

After a thorough assessment of the IT security needs of your business, the Digital6 team will recommend the business tools that are just right for you. All their options are well researched, tested and proven successful in the field.