IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Services

IBM Watson offers all the artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive services you need to enhance your business profile and increase efficiency.

Key Features of IBM Watson

From conversational chatbots to image classifiers and text analytics, IBM Watson can bolster your SMB or startup operations with the same powerful AI functions that support the largest enterprises.

Review this summary of functions and the products that drive them to see what makes sense for strengthening your business model.

  • Decision

You want as much relevant info as possible to make smart decisions. IBM Watson can support those decisions with:

    • Watson Personality Insights really focus on understanding the individual customer’s habits and preferences, building up a detailed profile so you can customize the messaging
    • Watson Tone Analyzer can detect feelings and tones in a customer’s written text, including social media, which helps you make a more appropriate response; can be integrate with chatbots
  • Language

It’s important to integrate functions that allow all users to understand what they are hearing.

    • Watson Language Translator can translate text accommodating your own industry jargon and format, allowing you to communicate effectively with customers anywhere
    • Watson Natural Language Classifier analyzes, labels and organizes your text data so you can quickly see emerging trends and new info to support decision making
  • Speech

IBM Watson uses conversational AI to completely engage your customers, employees and other stakeholders in the transaction.

    • Watson Text to Speech converts text into human sounding audio in multiple languages and voices, allowing customer interaction, whether for call centers, hands-free driving or using children’s educational toys
    • Watson Assistant is the ultimate chatbot that allows conversational interactions on any application, device or channel; it can search for an answer, ask the user to clarify the question or even understand when it is best to redirect to a human agent; reliable support for customers and employees
  • Vision

It is often important that you have an AI tool that can recognize content other than text.

    • Watson Visual Recognition can detect and classify images and objects according to your parameters for color, specific content, brands, landmarks or whatever else is relevant to your request.
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  • Search

IBM Watson recognizes that it is important for you to have a reliable search engine to look for images, videos, and news items to name just a few requests besides text.

    • IBM Watson Discovery (link to Discovery page yet to be written) is an award winning AI search technology that digs deep into your business, breaking down data silos and understanding your business documents with their unique language and format
IBM Watson a Leader in Insight Engines
AI powered Watson crawls through complex documents to provide business insight.

Honored as a leader by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Insight Engines 2019

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