Identity Management as a Service

What is your first line of defense against information intruders?

Keep the door locked. If you don’t have a key, you don’t have access.

Protect your information by applying security measures at the front door of your IT system with identity and access management.


Even small to mid-sized businesses are challenged by the threat of information being lost, stolen, deleted or infected. Customer data, information about proprietary processes and products, financial transactions and other sensitive data are vulnerable. The security challenges are many, including:

  • Increasing complexity of interoperability of multiple devices and systems
  • Use of personal devices at work, complete with apps being used across corporate datacenters and public cloud platforms
  • Sophistication of hackers who can gain access to infect, delete and change data and even demand money for its release
  • Employee carelessness in allowing access to files
  • Employee frustration at multi stage access procedures

Digitial6 Technologies can work with you to find a way to:

  • Secure corporate user identities across a variety of mobile devices and apps
  • Manage multiple kinds of devices running on various operating systems
  • Implement robust data protection

Be aggressive in protecting your IT system. Otherwise, the results are usually compromised data, unhappy employees and decreased productivity.

Security Solutions from Digital6 Technologies

It is essential for you to develop and implement a plan for Identity and Access Management that is as simple and secure as possible. If security measures are so complicated that employees waste time accessing work files and waiting for designated IT staff to respond to alerts or to validate password changes, they will become frustrated. Then, productivity will be affected and profitability reduced. 

The Digital6 Technologies team are certified solutions specialists, coming at security situations from all directions. They understand that effective security systems balance technology and user satisfaction.

Check out the following three pieces of identity and access management for robust information protection.

The key features of effective identity and access management include:

  • Single sign-on so user identity is recognized across all your corporate apps and operating systems
  • Multi-factor authentication to add another critical layer of security for sign-on
  • Self-serve password reset without waiting for your IT staff to respond
  • User control of forming, managing and disbanding groups
  • Centralized identity management both on premises and in the cloud
  • Monitoring and audit reports for management and IT review

The Digital6 Technologies team can review your operations and discuss options including the Microsoft Active Directory to manage identities onsite and the Azure Activity Director that extends management to the cloud.

Manage all your operating systems, whether Windows, Android or iOS, from one dashboard. Monitor and protect corporate apps and data on all devices in order to:

  • Control and monitor mobile device setting management
  • Simplify device and app management
  • Manage and deploy mobile app management
  • Allow single sign-on across all cloud apps
  • Implement security policies for devices and apps and monitor for compliance

Digital6 specialists can work with you to deploy a mobile device and apps management solution such as Microsoft Intune.

You want to maintain control of your business information when it is being shared both within and outside your company. A comprehensive policy-based enterprise rights management solution such as Azure Right Management can provide:

  • Protection for corporate data and other sensitive information
  • Protection and management of business apps and all devices
  • Connection to the on premises assets

You decide on the policy restrictions according to your business needs. They can be set up or changed in a single action to keep your information safe online and offline.

Let our Digital6 Technologies team deliver these identity and access management solutions as your Managed Services Provider. Our specialists can monitor your IT system. You can focus on using that increased productivity to grow your business.

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