Protect Your Business Data

No breach. No loss. No downtime.

How secure is your business data?

Not sure?

Even small to mid-sized businesses need robust IT security for all their business data. We can offer a free security assessment of your particular IT needs and recommend the best solutions.

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    Moving your data around.

    Are you confident you can always collect, store, transmit and use your business data in a secure manner?

    Even if hackers access your files, you don’t want them to be able to read, copy or delete them. Can you securely manage shared files and complex classifications? What about using apps?

    Digital6 specialists can recommend solutions for Data Encryption, comprehensive policies and procedures for moving data and tools for monitoring access, especially to shared files.

    Managing your devices.

    You and your employees probably use a variety of devices from desktop PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones Those mobile devices are particularly vulnerable, especially when loaded with apps.

    Our Digital6 experts understands your need to synchronize encrypted data across the network and to isolate and clean up certain devices or sections if there is a security breach.

    There are sophisticated security tools such as Microsoft Intune and Windows 10 E3 that Digital6 can offer to resist hacker threats and protect data.

    Maintaining productivity

    Data security has become a significant driver of productivity in many businesses. A complicated access protocol, inconsistent data classifications and lack of synchronization can all slow down work. It’s important to remember that IT staff and systems are there to support your business operations, not hinder them.

    Every IT inefficiency and lack of appropriate policies and procedures slows down the actual work being done. If you do have a breach and are not prepared to contain and eliminate it quickly, the downtime can be considerable. And, decreased productivity results in decreased profitability.

    Our full service Digital6 team can deliver security and compliance solutions that are customized to your needs.

    But, first, we would like to administer that free security assessment to find out if your current technology has adequate protection for the secure, efficient collection, storage, transmission and use of data.

    We will work with you to:

    • Review your business processes
    • Assess the adequacy of your current IT infrastructure, apps and software
    • Test vulnerability of identity management for unauthorized access
    • Review effectiveness of IT security policies and procedures
    • Check kind and frequency of staff training about data security



    Our security assessment questions will take only 15 minutes to answer on the phone. Once we have the basic information, our Digital6 Technologies team can identify your objectives and requirements. Then, together you can start planning the best data protection, security solutions for your business.

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