Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Services

Microsoft Azure covers all the artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive service functions your business needs. Supply the right AI tools and you will have satisfied customers, happy employees and an efficient, productive operation.

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Key Features of Azure AI

Microsoft Azure offers a complete suite of AI-driven cognitive services.

Take the time to read this summary of functions to see what products make sense to strengthen your business model.

  • Decision

Who doesn’t want to make smarter decision faster? To do that, you want to have confidence in your source information and data.

    • Azure AI includes tools that can ensure accuracy, completeness and timeliness of that content within parameters that you determine
    • Anomaly Detector to identify any problems with data as soon as they occur
    • Content Moderator to search for and filter offensive, unwanted images, text and videos
    • Personalizer, whether a standalone or partner with existing solution, mines data to deliver an individualized relevant experience for every customer and employee. 
  • Language

Azure AI can deploy a group of functions that enable comprehension.

    • Immersive Reader help all readers, no matter what reading level they have achieved, take advantage of audio and visual cues to understand the content
    • Language Understanding uses natural language to make content of apps, bots and IoT devices understandable
    • QnA Maker lets you develop a conversational question-and-answer function with existing data; as users ask more questions, the QnA Maker learns more to add to its database
    • Text Analytics can analyze key phrases, feelings, language and identifiable objects and places
    • Translator Text provides a neural machine text translation services for more than 60 languages, including non-Latin alphabets; checks context for most appropriate translation; can be customized for your industry jargon
  • Speech

Conversational AI has endless potential for integrating speech to fully engage customers, employees, service partners and other stakeholders in your business.

    • Speech to Text for rapid conversion of audio into text; can be customized to accommodate particular speech patterns, jargon, noise reduction
    • Text to Speech for real time conversion of text to human speech; uses cutting edge research to ensure natural sound and flow; can be customized
    • Speech Translation provides continuous, automatic, real time translation of speech across mobile, desktop and web apps, to and from a dozen languages; excellent for multilingual conversations
    • Speaker Recognition service identifies and verifies who is speaking based on the audio of their voice; requires a voice enrollment to use for comparison 
  • Vision

Azure AI can recognize and analyze content other than text such as images, videos and digital ink.

    • Computer Vision, through a simple API call, deep dives into images to extract, label and analyze content such as objects, brands and handwriting
    • Custom Vision customizes cutting edge computer vision for your specific scenarios such as digital marketing or manufacturing
    • Face detects human faces, organizes the images to compare with others and can even detect emotions as part of the range of similarity indicators
    • Form Recognizer actually understands your documents, both on-prem and in the cloud, so it can quickly extract, compile and organize the data for you to use
    • Ink Recognizer used to integrate ink recognition with digital capabilities; e.g. recognize handwriting in 63 languages and identify common geometric shapes
    • Video Indexer can extra metadata from video and audio content such as celebrities, topics, landmarks, brands and organize them to be more accessible
  • Web Search

Azure cognitive services uses Microsoft’s Bing search engine to reliably perform all the search functions essential to the successful deployment of AI. Bing can search for:

    • Entity
    • Image
    • News
    • Video
    • Visual

To make the search more efficient, Bing can offer:

    • An ad-free, customized search engine
    • Autosuggest
    • Spell Check
82 percent of organizations surveyed say that exploring and understanding their own content in a timely manner is a significant challenge.

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