When Ransomware Strikes

How fast could you recover?

Ransomware strikes quickly, leaving you without access to your files for days. Downtime from ransomware could be devastating to your business. Learn more about the impact of ransomware and how you can recover fast when it strikes.

Ransomware can strike in an instant

Human error is the biggest cause – all it takes is one wrong click

Ransomware is escalating at a rapid pace

Real money for criminals means they continue to evolve to thwart defenses

When ransomware
strikes, it can mean

temporary or permanent loss of your most critical business information.

How confident are you that you could
recover from a ransomware attack?

That’s great news! But, at what cost to your business?

You’re not alone. It is a top concern among business owners.

Ransomware payment demands are on the rise

But paying up doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your data back

The real cost of ransomware is downtime

How could downtime from ransomware affect your business?

How much would 3+ days of downtime cost your company?

Adjust the settings to customize for your business



Downtime Cost

From Lost Productivity and Lost Sales

1 Day


3 Days


7 Days


Assumes 260 working days per year

The best defense against ransomware is backup

Fast recovery minimizes the impact of downtime after a ransomware attack

“The best defense against ransomware is to outwit attackers by not being vulnerable to their threats in the first place. This means backing up important data…. so that even if your computers and servers get locked, you won’t be forced to pay to see your data again.”

ShareSync backup and file sharing

helps you recover quickly from ransomware attacks

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