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Mobile Workforce Solutions

Is your workforce more mobile than ever before? Whether they are moving around a warehouse or a hospital, doing field inspections or selling product, an increasing number of employees are connected to operations through a mobile device.

Do your workers have the best tools available to communicate with home base, either in the same building or many miles down the road? If they have to capture, store and retrieve information, generate picking orders and invoices or track people and the tools they are using, you need to provide the right devices and robust software.

At Digital6 Technologies, we can help you design the best software solution for your mobile workforce. Read on about the three main components.

Mobile Device Software

Enterprise grade mobile devices range from smartphones, tablets and scanners to rugged mobile computers. They are compact, lightweight and user friendly. However, they are also able to support software with enough capacity to handle whatever apps are needed to do the job.

Our specialists at Digital6 Technologies will work with you to review your operations and identify your particular software needs. Only then will they recommend an operating system and associated programs that will work well on your hardware. For example, Android and iOS are becoming increasingly popular for mobile devices.

Web Based Database

The Digital6 Technologies team will explain how MySQL, a high performance, open source database, can be installed on your server to help you deliver all your essential applications. You will be able to have complete confidence in data transmission and storage. Also, the scalability of this database is a key feature to factor into any expansion plans.

Real Time Web Based Applications

To maximize the use of your mobile devices, you will want to install the right applications for the various user tasks.  Real time web based apps are needed for:

  • Two way communication
  • Immediate capture and upload of data from locations such as warehouses, hospital laboratories, retail stores and field service technicians
  • Real time access via query or automatic report to data such as tracking inventory or your sales force
  • Identification verification
  • Charting and monitoring performance

These are just a few examples of tasks that can be supported by web based apps. Digital6 Technologies has the knowledge and experience to discuss what applications would be best for your business. Whether you are starting fresh or need an upgrade, we are ready to help.