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24 Hour Malware Removal

Clean, Protect, and Restore Your Site Within 24 Hours


Avoid losing customers or permanently damaging your site

with our state-of-the-art manual malware removal system.


Your Site May Be Severely Compromised Right Now

Every Minute Is Critical To Saving Your Data and Business.


You could be risking losing your site data, lowered rankings in Google, and even losing customers – for good.

Your site is an integral part of your business.  But right now, it’s at risk of being broken into by the denizens of the internet. There is virtually nothing standing in between you and deadly malware and site viruses.

Malware and Virus attacks are as devastating as a store robbery or vandalism – and they can be even harder for you to find and fix.

Worst of all, If your site is compromised it can destroy your whole business.

When your site is infected, not only will Google penalize you and blacklist you from appearing on search results, it will also send a warning sign to all potential customers that your site is suspicious and deadly to their computers.

google malware warning

 If your customers see this, they’ll leave… and never come back.


Act Fast and Protect Your Site

Luckily, if you act fast, you can protect your site and your business.

At Digital6, We take malware threats and virus threats to your site seriously.

For over 10 years, we’ve worked tirelessly to protect our client’s websites with cleaning and preventative measures.

Our manual site inspections can quickly and efficiently spot and solve any malware issue they come across.

Get Your Site Cleaned and Protected Now For only $297

Malware Removal Package


We Clean and Protect:

  • WordPress sites
  • Ecommerce sites
  • HTML sites
  • Sales pages
  • Joomla
  • All business sites
  • Any blogs

Is your site down right now?

No problem.

Within minutes of ordering one of our technicians will immediately contact you and immediately set up security protocols to keep you and your business safe.

Don’t DELAY! Every moment is important.  Order now so we can protect and clean your site


Malware Removel Package2



Here’s Everything You Get in Your Malware and Restoration Package:

  • One  site restoration
  • “Down for Maintenance” page will replace home page will we do the work
  • Manually search for malware and viruses
  • Once the problem has been found, we will remove all the malicious root cause and any hidden places within the site
  • Change all passwords – WordPress, FTP, mySQL and cPanel
  • Install and optimize our recommended Security Plugins
  • Check an modify server permission settings if changed by hackers
  • Conduct a final malware and virus check
  • Get your site back on “Safe” list if it was backlisted – Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Provide 30 days of malware scanning of your website and notify (included every month if you purchase our monthly maintenance package)
  • A full report on the malicious code and work done to your website by Digital6

Get instant protection with a Single Site Package Cost: $297


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