October 30, 2023

VMware Horizon: A modern platform for secure delivery of virtual desktops and apps

With @VMware Horizon, your IT organization gets a modern platform for delivering desktop and application management capabilities across on-premises, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. Get this datasheet to see what else you get including features, benefits, the latest enhancements and deployment options.
October 30, 2023

DDI hardens its security posture to enable future transformation

πŸ’‘An integrated cybersecurity strategy must be the foundation of any successful #digitaltransformation. Here's how a major tech conglomerate overhauled its security environment and paved the way for long-term digital success with #QRadar #SOAR from @IBM Security.
October 30, 2023

Suffolk County Protects USD 60 Billion of Real Estate Transactions

How does a @VMware VDI help New York State's busiest county clerk's office protect billions of dollars in real estate transactions and support thousands of remote workers? Get the story and get inspired by the possibilities for your organization.
October 24, 2023

Improve security with remote access and verifiable ID’s

Planning ahead for various access scenarios across your organization and third-party suppliers with devices outside of your security perimeter is hard. Request a free consultation with one of our experts to discuss how Digital6 Technologies can help you improve security with remote access and verifiable IDs enabled by technology solutions like @Microsoft Entra.
October 23, 2023

IBM Security QRadar SOAR

At a time of exponentially increasing #cyberattacks, inefficient security ops significantly increase the risk of a breach. Watch πŸ‘‡to see how #QRadar #SOAR improves SOC efficiency by automating and orchestrating incident response workflows.
October 23, 2023

Cloud Migration and Modernization with Azure Tools and Resources

When moving to the cloud, how can Azure IaaS and the Azure portfolio of tools and services from @Microsoft make it easier? Share your wish list in the comments and watch this video to see how an Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution helps speed things along.