August 21, 2023

Why New Ways of Working Require a New Type of Workspace

Employees want the flexibility to work from anywhere. How prepared is your company to deliver the #security and experience to make it a reality? View 👀 our infographic to discover modern VDI for your anywhere workforce: 👇
August 15, 2023

Free Phishing Security Training Consultation

Reduce your company's risk of hacking and data theft. Arm your employees with the information they need to avoid phishing and malware traps. Digital6 Technologies invites you to schedule your free Phishing Security Training Consultation today.
August 14, 2023

A new Meeting Experience at Microsoft

Do your meeting rooms need to be redesigned to optimize your hybrid work collaborations? Watch the @Microsoft video to see what the ideal redesign looks like and when you're done watching, tell us how a Microsoft Teams expert from Digital6 Technologies can help you make your hybrid work collaborations more productive and engaging for all employees.
August 14, 2023

Comparing AWS Tools for Cloud Cost Management and Optimization

Do you know the costs and benefits of all your cloud services? If not, read this paper on optimizing and managing multi-cloud costs. 👇 Comment and share to discuss your thoughts on cloud cost management
August 14, 2023

Journey to the cloud via Microsoft Azure and lessons learned along the way

Understanding your datacenter environment is key to a successful cloud migration. Watch the video to gain insight into the valuable lessons @Microsoft learned on their journey to the cloud via Microsoft #Azure.
August 14, 2023

Get Hybrid Cloud Agility and Scalability to Empower Your Distributed Workforce

Download this eBook here to learn how you can win at desktop and app virtualization. Tell us if you'd like to learn how Digital6 Technologies can help you gain hybrid cloud agility with @VMware Horizon®.