February 28, 2023

What is Attack Surface Management?

Your company's attack surface is more vast than you think. Besides the obvious attack entry points like servers and endpoints, sophisticated hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in your supply chain, #ShadowIT, and other less visible gaps in your IT ecosystem. Attack Surface Management tools (#ASM) are critical to patching these vulnerabilities. Watch:
February 27, 2023

Microsoft Dynamics Cloud Migration Overview

Watch this video to see how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration Program accelerates your transition to an on-prem Dynamics solution to the Azure cloud. Comment to tell us how Digital6 Technologies can help you make the move with minimal risk. #movetothecloud #Dynamcs365 #onprem
February 27, 2023

What’s New in Microsoft 365 — How We’re Empowering Everyone for a New World of Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is here to stay. What will the next decade of work look like? How will you prepare? This blog dives into how Microsoft is innovating to bind organizations together with secure communication, collaboration and creation. Where does Teams come in? Consider noting in the comments if you'd like to discuss hybrid work readiness strategies with a Microsoft 365 expert from Digital6 Technologies. @Microsoft #hybridwork
February 27, 2023

What is Endpoint Detection & Response?

With Endpoint Detection and Response (#EDR), organizations can: • Collect security data • Detect & respond to threats • Proactively hunt for threats • Integrate with existing tools to produce reports Watch 👇
February 21, 2023

Threat Detection Methodologies

💡Detecting active threats in a network presents a unique challenge. Separating network communications associated with real threats from benign behavior requires threat detection methodologies that prioritize detecting artifacts and indicators that cannot easily be hidden, such as procedures, tactics and techniques. We work with #Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT to provide a data-centric approach to detecting threats across both inbound and outbound (north/south) and internal (east/west) network communications. Check out the brief to learn more and contact us for pricing and implementation details. #threatdetection
February 21, 2023

Enable Secure, Productive Hybrid Work

Who needs more friction in everyday work? With @Citrix Work Collaboration Solutions, you can deliver secure access to employees wherever and whenever they work regardless of device. Download this solution brief to see how we can help with a Citrix Workspace solution.
February 20, 2023

Gigamon Adds Crucial Network Visibility to Zero Trust at Department of Defense

How does the Department of Defense protect their data? This customer story shows how DoD uses Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric to feed their different tool sets and address network vulnerabilities. After reading this case study, contact us to see how Gigamon can help your organization deliver full visibility across on premises, virtual and cloud networks. #cloudsecurity #cloudvisibility