November 7, 2022

Defending Your Organization Against State-Sponsored Cyber Campaigns

How can a state-sponsored cyberattack adversely affect your company? Please share any scenarios that come to mind in the comments. This @Citrix blog reveals some of the risks, such as the potential damage to the critical services you rely on to communicate with your hybrid workforce. Read the blog to learn how to prepare for such attacks and 🔐 protect your company's apps and data from unexpected disruptions. Reach out to Digital6 Technologies to learn how our experts can help.
November 7, 2022

Evolving Your Data Security for the Hybrid Multicloud World

Migrating to a #multicloud environment? Good news: More agile and competitive Bad news: More vulnerable to threats Watch this webinar to learn from the experts how to protect modern and legacy data environments simultaneously by centralizing #visibility and monitoring, employing advanced analytics and orchestrating a collaborative response. #datasecurity
October 10, 2022

Cloud-Delivered Security for the Digital Workspace

In hybrid and remote work environments, traditional VPN and MPLS connectivity models are no match for your security requirements. How can Digital6 Technologies help you address this gap? To learn how to successfully balance remote workplace functionality with data security, download this timely solution brief and see how @Citrix Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) converges your networking and security for a consistent workspace experience. #cybersecurity #hybridwork
October 10, 2022

IBM Security Guardium: Rethinking Data Security

Security teams deal with too many alerts, too many products, and too many solutions. In this video, Rajesh Venkatasubbu, product manager for #Guardium Data Protection, discusses @IBM Security's approach to data security, governance and compliance. #datasecurity
October 10, 2022

Citrix’s Cloud Delivered and Unified Secure Access Solution

The rise in remote and hybrid work has increased the frequency and cost of data breaches. How does your company handle cyberthreats? Share your experience and watch this @Citrix video to see how its Unified Secure Access solution provides companies a more agile way to reduce cybersecurity threats and deliver the best end user experience. Learn more at Digital6 Technologies #cybersecurity #hybridwork
October 10, 2022

Modernized Data Security: How IBM Security Guardium compares to the competition

The cost of a data breach continues to grow — with recent estimates at $3.86M. Your business can't afford to make the wrong decision about data security. It's time to decode the vendor landscape and decide on a modern, forward-looking data security solution. #datasecurity
October 4, 2022

Value Calculator

How much can you save with higher tool efficiency? Optimize and eliminate unnecessary network traffic so your tools get only what they need and can handle. Our partners at Gigamon have created this interactive Value Calculator to show how fast the payback would be on your Gigamon investment. Try it now and contact Digital6 Technologies if you want to further explore your potential savings. #networkvisibility #Gigamon
October 3, 2022

Assess data risk with IBM Security Data Risk Manager

Many IT teams struggle to translate #cybersecurity risk into business risk for C-suite. #IBMSecurity Data Risk Manager helps bridge the gap. Watch 👇 to learn how @IBM helps you effectively communicate with data visualization and relatable language so C-suite can act faster.
October 3, 2022

Help Mitigate Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Risks

Is your company ready to deal with the rise in cyberattacks and data breaches? Yes?👍 No? 👎 With hybrid work now the norm, you need to prepare with strategies for preventing, mitigating and transferring risk. Read this blog to understand your options, where cyber liability insurance fits in and how Digital6 Technologies can help you meet cyber liability coverage requirements with @Citrix Workspace. @CitrixWorkspace #digitalworkspace #hybridwork