April 25, 2022

 How to Gain Control of Complex Applications in the Time of Digital Transformation

 Today's digital applications are being replaced with a microservices-based architecture? Read this whitepaper to learn how Digital6 Technologies can help you with your digital transformation using Gigamon solutions.
April 25, 2022

OTTO: E-Commerce Giant Achieves Cloud Success with a Collaborative Security Approach

How do you revamp your #digitalsecurity when you go from selling 28 pairs of shoes to becoming the largest online retailer of home furnishing goods in Germany? E-commerce company OTTO needed help improving visibility and insight across on-premises and cloud platforms, as well as freeing security resources to focus on threat analysis, response and improvements. Discover how OTTO transformed its digital security with the right solution while scaling from 28 to 3 million units sold. #QRadar
April 25, 2022

 Sun Life Financial Gives Gigamon Top Ratings for Reducing Tool Sprawl and Achieving BIG Savings

Financial institutions are overwhelmed with network traffic and suffering from tool sprawl. Want to learn how to troubleshoot network data? Digital6 Technologies recommends reading this success story to learn how Gigamon solutions helped SunLife Financial reduce costs and optimize tool efficiency.
April 18, 2022

  Network Visibility: The Enabler for Healthcare Innovation and Security

 How can healthcare orgs enable safe and secure use of technology while delivering the best possible care and services to patients? Read this whitepaper for insight. Contact us to learn how Digital6 Technologies and Gigamon network visibility solutions can help.
April 18, 2022

Log4j Zero-Day Vulnerability: What You Need to Know Now

Since #zeroday on 12/9/21, millions of businesses have been at risk due to the Apache log4j flaw. Don't leave your business unprotected from what's being called "the biggest security crisis in the history of the Internet." Join this webinar to hear from IBM's X-Force threat intelligence global lead on what you need to know right now to fortify your security posture. #zeroday #log4j
April 18, 2022

  Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

 How can Digital6 Technologies help you improve network performance? By improving network visibility across physical and virtual environments with Gigamon solutions. Read this case study to learn how the Gigamon Visibility Platform helps a world-class cancer treatment center maximize access and visibility.
April 18, 2022

How Log4j Vulnerability Could Impact You

"Log4j is the biggest security crisis in the history of the Internet." Jen Easterly, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) director, issued this ominous warning after the Log4j vulnerability was detected in late 2021. Log4j is a Remote Code Execution (RCE) vulnerability that lets a remote attacker execute arbitrary code on an affected server—potentially wreaking havoc on IT infrastructure and compromising data security and user privacy. The cyber criminal can even delete or encrypt your files and hold them for ransom. Keep reading 👇 to see what you can do to fortify your networks against this unprecedented threat. #log4j #cyberthreat
April 11, 2022

  Guide to Zero Trust for Healthcare Organizations

 Why is implementing a Zero Trust architecture so complicated? Read this eGuide to understand how mobile apps and devices present risk. Contact us to learn how Digital6 Technologies can help your healthcare organization take a healthier approach.