December 19, 2023

NTT Communications adds insider risk management to enhance data security with Microsoft Purview

Raising security awareness among employees is a priority for NTT Communications. Get the story on how Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management and Microsoft Purview Information Protection helped the company trigger a shift and strengthen its cybersecurity posture against external attacks. @Microsoft Security
December 12, 2023

Free Cloud Readiness Assessment

Setting clear expectations and performance goals for cloud infrastructure is critical to its success. Experts in cloud infrastructure strategy and implementation, Digital6 Technologies can help establish goals and identify opportunities and areas for improvement to maximize the value of your cloud infrastructure investment and ensure it meets the needs of users and customers. Receive a free Cloud Readiness Assessment when you schedule direct.
December 11, 2023

IBM Security QRadar Client Story: Marco Polo

On the heels of its cloud migration, a major tech player in the global financial market suddenly discovered a plethora of new security vulnerabilities. Watch the video to see how @IBM Security #QRadar #SIEM helped them patch #cloudsecurity gaps.
December 11, 2023

Designing the New Hybrid Meeting Experience — For Everyone

In @Microsoft 's reimagined hybrid meeting experience, every participant has a clear view of every other participant. How do you help people see eye-to-eye in hybrid meetings at your company? Read this Microsoft WorkLab blog to learn from Microsoft's experience designing hybrid meetings that work for everyone.