September 12, 2022

2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report

$4.35 million was the average cost of a #databreach from March 2021-March 2022. And 83% of businesses suffered more than one breach. These whopping stats crystallize the urgent need to fortify your business's #cybersecurity posture to detect & neutralize these devastating attacks. Here's everything you need to know to avert disaster:
September 6, 2022

Cyber-Security Disasters Like Colonial Pipeline’s Happen by the Hundreds Every Day

Why did the Colonial pipeline security disaster make headlines, when thousands of other ransomware and data leak attacks happening all around us didn't? This Forbes blogger discusses the frightening and common nature of cyberattacks that we know about, and the undetected criminals roaming through our networks as we speak. For more about this precarious time of threats, and why the attackers are winning, read the blog ->
September 6, 2022

Simplify Endpoint Management with Citrix and Google Chrome Enterprise

Mobile devices, even those owned by employees, are under the purview of IT. Staff are expecting to move seamlessly from device to device, across offices, homes and public networks. Managing this shift to mobility can be difficult, which is why Digital6 Technologies recommends this solution brief by @Citrix that outlines a secure solution that enhances the experience of users and admins.
September 6, 2022

Securely connect any user to any resource

Trying to strike the right balance between frictionless access, boosting productivity, and a Zero Trust approach to security? @IBM Security Verify brings context and intelligence to decisions about who should have access to what, empowering organizations with risk-based authentication and Adaptive Access. Explore the demo and learn how to master the balance between security and user experience. #ZeroTrust
September 5, 2022

IBM Security Verify Free Trial

It's time to make smarter decisions about which users have access to your business's data and apps on-prem or in the cloud. Watch this interactive demo to learn how you can protect your enterprise with @IBM Security Verify. This low-friction, cloud-native, SaaS approach leverages the cloud and even provides a smooth path to cloud, so you can transition at your own pace for legacy, on-prem apps. #dataprotection #appsecurity
September 5, 2022

Black Hat Secures the World’s Premier Cybersecurity Conferences

You think your job is tough? Try securing a full-scale network that was set up in just a few days at the world's largest hacker conference. That's what happened when Black Hat, the world's top cybersecurity conference, descended on Las Vegas and chose our partner GigaSECURE to optimize the delivery of Black Hat's full-scale enterprise network traffic to security tools for the event. Read this customer story to learn how Gigamon saved the day. #GigaSECURE #cybersecurity
September 5, 2022

With mobile devices becoming the standard, how do you manage all endpoints in your #digitalworkspace? Contact Digital6 Technologies to hear about @CitrixWorkspace solutions tailored for your org.

Managing multiple endpoints with staff using all kinds of devices in any location can be a daily migraine. How does your organization handle the job? If pain relievers aren't getting rid of that headache, it may be time to contact Digital6 Technologies to hear about @CitrixWorkspace solutions designed for the always changing hybrid workplace. #HybridWorkplace
September 5, 2022

Learning the Building Blocks You Need for Consumer Identity and Access Management Part 2: Engage

#DYK: 25% of users abandon an app after first use because of a bad experience? Strike the right balance between safe and empowering with successful #CIAM. Learn more:
August 30, 2022

#AI is changing the game for #cybersecurity. How do you think advancements will help analysts fight back against emerging threats? Reply or quote tweet with your take!

AI is changing the game for cybersecurity. As cyberattacks grow in volume and complexity, artificial intelligence is helping understaffed and under-resourced security ops analysts fight back. In what specific ways do you think advancements will help analysts take on emerging threats? Let us know in the comments! #AI #cybersecurity