July 26, 2022

Expert Insights: What’s Next for Ransomware?

2021 was a big year for cybercrime, especially ransomware. What's coming next? Camile Singleton a threat intelligence expert within IBM Security X-Force, recaps the cyber security issues businesses faced in 2021 and how we can prepare for what's ahead. #ransomware
July 25, 2022

 Full Visibility Finally Possible for the Land Bank of the Philippines

 How do you monitor your network? If you are like the Land Bank of the Philippines, you know how disjointed and unreliable it can be. Financial institutions are especially vulnerable to data breaches, which are potentially catastrophic. Achieving the highest level of network visibility is a must for security. This customer story highlights how the Bank achieved a complete 180 by deploying Gigamon — benefitting from wide-ranging improvements in security and network visibility, ROI and enormous savings. Digital6 Technologies invites you to read the full Gigamon customer story. When you're ready for a similar experience, contact us!
July 25, 2022

What do you need for your #digitaltransformation to succeed? Contact Digital6 Technologies today for an evaluation on how a #hybridcloud environment from HPE GreenLake can supercharge your experience.

The hybrid cloud is your answer to bridging on-prem and cloud, but implementation can create headaches. What does it take to succeed at a digital transformation? Let us know if you'd like to talk with an expert from Digital6 Technologies on how @HPE GreenLake simplifies hybrid adoption with a platform that manages apps everywhere. You'll see how an edge-to-cloud Platform creates a consistent experience across environments and allows you to seamlessly scale with your needs. #digitaltransformation
July 25, 2022

What is Ransomware?

No one is safe from ransomware attacks. It does not discriminate and it's a threat to businesses of all sizes, and sectors. But what is ransomware? How does it work and most critically, how can you protect yourself from this growing menace? Bradley Knapp from @IBM Cloud answers these questions and many more: #ransomware
July 19, 2022

IT professionals operating in a multicloud environment: are you implementing native security controls? Why or why not, and what are some of the biggest obstacles you’ve encountered in securing the #multicloud?

IT professionals operating in a multicloud environment: are you implementing native security controls? Why or why not, and what are some of the biggest obstacles you've encountered in securing the #multicloud?
July 19, 2022

Gigamon Hawk Cloud Visibility and Analytics Fabric

Stop exposing hybrid cloud and monolithic hardware environments to unnecessary exposure. Digital6 Technologies is sharing this solution brief so you can see how Gigamon Hawk provides full visibility into the network traffic to provide unified network monitoring and security for all infrastructures. Download the brief to get the full scoop on Gigamon Hawk - including some unexpected benefits. #Hawk #CloudVisibility
July 19, 2022

Network Context for Cloud

Are you experiencing a gap in visibility across your hybrid cloud infrastructure? This gap can leave you vulnerable to compliance and security issues that can now be solved with Gigamon Hawk. Watch this video to see how easy it is to choose from over 5,000 network attributes create an agentless dashboard to monitor network traffic, aka the "ground truth". Bringing the network context to cloud tools is one example of how Digital6 Technologies helps fill visibility gaps with Gigamon Hawk. Contact us when you're ready to talk. #hybridcloud #Hawk
July 18, 2022

Power Your Applications with Workload-Optimized Storage On Demand

HPE GreenLake = data storage solutions 🧵tailored for your business. Feel free to comment to let us know which 👔suits you. Digital6 Technologies can talk next steps.👞
July 18, 2022

The Smithsonian Institution Improves Visibility and Fights Malware with Gigamon

Do you see what Gigamon can see? The Smithsonian Institution can, now that Gigamon Hawk is passively monitoring its network traffic. Check out this new customer story for all the details. The risks are growing...are you ready to take action like the Smithsonian to stop the threat of malware, ransomware and other cyberattacks? Contact Digital6 Technologies to learn how your organization can get unimpeded visibility into all traffic, without any risk of data loss, or privacy breaches. #NetworkVisibility #GigamonHawk