February 28, 2022

How Pervasive Visibility Reduces Network Downtime in the New Tomorrow

 How can you manage and troubleshoot what you can't see? Simply stated — you can't. Pervasive network visibility is critical to minimizing downtime and the devastating costs that come with it. Read this post to learn how by vastly improving the efficiency of your #NetOps and #SecOps teams, Digital6 Technologies can help you get to pervasive visibility and stay there. Contact us to make it happen.
February 28, 2022

NRGi: Stepping Up Security with Centralized, Real-Time Threat Monitoring

It's every company's worst nightmare: a cyberattack that takes out key systems and leaves the organization reeling. How did NRGi take the hit and bounce back with the improved ability to protect its business systems against hackers and malware? By working with @IBM Gold Business Partner SecureDevice to deploy a central monitoring system that: • Detects advanced threats • Automatically enables more proactive network security responses • Provides time to take targeted action to keep systems secure Learn more ?.
February 28, 2022

Cloud computing will be a gold mine in the post-COVID era

Many companies embraced change as the COVID-19 pandemic presented new challenges and continues to have a multi-sector impact on nations, businesses, and citizens. As cloud computing continues to grow, there are three major trends for the post-COVID era: cost optimization, containerization and serverless computing, and edge. The cloud is a dominant force and the pandemic further demonstrated that many processes can be managed remotely if companies have the right cloud implementation in place. Examine recent growth trends, find out how to navigate them, and see how they're likely to evolve.
February 22, 2022

Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos

We hear a lot about how the right cybersecurity solution is essential to protecting data and user privacy. We don't hear as much about how the right cybersecurity solution can improve other business outcomes—including the all-important productivity index Discover how one global industry leader leveraged @IBM QRadar to consolidate its security platform, while accelerating productivity.
February 21, 2022

IBM QRadar: The Intelligent SIEM

Every day, cyber attackers break into networks just like yours disguised as employees and delete their tracks as they go. It can take up to 8 months to find and eliminate a cyberattack once it breaks into your network. No business has time for that. Watch this video to learn how you can detect and prioritize threats fast with #QRadar
February 21, 2022

 When Networks Meet the New Tomorrow

 How ready is your organization to meet the network performance and security operations challenges of supporting a newly distributed, remote workforce? For insight, read the whitepaper from our technology partner Gigamon, "When Networks Meet the New Tomorrow." Available from Digital6 Technologies, it will help you identify priorities to consider when planning and give you a look at how real-world organizations like Telefonica, Under Armor and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services are adapting. A provider of advanced network visibility and analytics solutions, Digital6 Technologies can help your company adapt. Contact us.
February 21, 2022

 Enabling Your Remote Workers from Their Home: A Practitioner’s Point of View

 Benefit from the experience of a NetSecOps pro who's adjusted to support remote workers. Watch this video interview with Gigamon's Rob Langley to learn how you can shift network and security operations with minimal impact to your organization. Working with Gigamon visibility solutions, Digital6 Technologies can help your organization meet these evolving network performance demands. Watch this video to learn how.
February 21, 2022

Microsoft Azure Arc: Enabling management & data services outside Azure infrastructure

Microsoft Azure Arc is a set of software technologies that is designed to help companies meet their governance challenges and make Azure services available everywhere across diverse and sometimes sprawling infrastructures. With Azure Arc, familiar Azure tools, technologies, and methods can be used across environments, including environments with limited or no connectivity to Azure. Subscribe to stay connected—and we'll help you navigate the world of Azure Arc and unleash the potential for growth within your company.
February 21, 2022


How are you protecting your customers' identities and intellectual property from today's most sophisticated cyber attackers? Read this whitepaper to learn how the right cyber solutions are providing security teams with centralized visibility into enterprise-wide security data and actionable insights into the highest priority threats. #QRadar