September 13, 2021

Overcoming security challenges with DevSecOps

Throughout the years, software development practices have evolved to serve the needs and the speed of business. However, digital leaders are still facing challenges with security and development. The solutions to these challenges are collaboration, tooling, and DevSecOps best practices. Subscribe now to stay connected. We'll help you navigate the world of DevSecOps and understand how to successfully adopt it.
September 7, 2021

Strategies for managing cybersecurity risk

Given the recent string of high-profile data breaches, #datasecurity is a hot topic. Yet many businesses still struggle to adopt a strategy that keeps their data secure. Read this eBook to facilitate your #security journey. Contact a Digital6 Technologies IBM security expert to discuss the right strategy for managing your business's unique cybersecurity risks and compliance considerations, so you can ensure your assets are safe, while continuing to drive revenue, innovation and growth. #databreaches #datasecurity #IBM
September 7, 2021

Case Study — Commercial International Bank S.A.E.

Is your business struggling to implement new security tech and leave outdated manual processes behind? Discover how one commercial international bank leveraged IBM Security Identity Governance & Intelligence (IGI) technology to significantly improve its user access management, making manual processes a thing of the past. #securitytech #IBMSecurity #B2Bcasestudy
September 6, 2021

Full-Featured Managed Security Services with IBM

With so many security solutions to choose from, how do you know which one will be right for your business? Watch this video to see how IBM can meet your specific security, business and industry needs to help you keep pace with an advancing threat landscape. #IBMsecurity
September 6, 2021

Remote developer productivity

The way people work and live changed drastically during 2020. Companies quickly transitioned to remote work, adopting a new culture to overcome collaboration and remote shipping challenges. Fortunately, Microsoft offers a wide variety of tools and platforms, from Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, GitHub, and Visual Studio—helping companies build business resilience. Subscribe to stay connected—we´ll help your development teams code, collaborate, and ship their internal and customer-facing apps even while working as a remotely distributed team.
September 6, 2021

Get the most out of Microsoft Azure with Visual Studio

Are you getting the most out of your Microsoft Visual Studio subscription? Be sure to claim monthly Microsoft #Azure credits, Azure training, DevTest pricing, Azure DevOps, support, and more. Explore all of the benefits included with your subscription and get some ideas on the types of projects where you can use your credits.
August 31, 2021

The State of Data Security

Strategic data management drives business growth, but a data breach can damage your brand, cripple ops, and reduce your shareholder value. Take a look at what can happen when critical data is stolen or destroyed, the costs associated with a data breach, and how to start building your own strong data security strategy. #IBMsecurity #databreach #datasecurity
August 31, 2021

Cost of a Data Breach

How much could a #databreach cost your business? Compiled from an analysis of over 537 real breaches, this definitive report is a must read to understand the breadth of the financial impact. After seeing the findings, consider reaching out to one of our IBM security experts for recommendations on how to mitigate security risks. #databreach #IBMsecurity
August 30, 2021

Five Common Data Security Pitfalls

Complex IT environments, widespread adoption of cloud services and increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals mean the number of cyberattacks is growing every day. What avoidable data security mistakes is your business making? Watch out for these 5 common pitfalls to stop security breaches before they happen and contact a Digital6 Technologies #IBMsecurity expert to discuss solutions. #datasecurity #securitybreaches