October 23, 2023

Cloud Migration and Modernization with Azure Tools and Resources

When moving to the cloud, how can Azure IaaS and the Azure portfolio of tools and services from @Microsoft make it easier? Share your wish list in the comments and watch this video to see how an Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution helps speed things along.
October 23, 2023

Avanade Reimagines Access to Training and Skills Management Using Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Looking for a security solution that includes identity and access management, cloud-infrastructure management and identity verification? Read how professional services and technology provider Avanade found one in @Microsoft Entra Verified ID. Contact a Digital6 Technologies @Microsoft security expert for a deeper dive. #MicrosoftEntra #MicrosoftSecurity
October 17, 2023

Azure Defender for IoT helps Global Geological Materials Company Secure Production and Bridge the IT/OT Gap

How crippling would a major data breach be to your company? Avoid having to answer that question with an agentless OT security monitoring platform that offers powerful asset discovery, vulnerability management, and threat monitoring capabilities. Read the customer story and comment if you'd like talk to one of our @Microsoft Azure Defender for IoT experts about how Digital6 Technologies can help you assess and mitigate risk. #Azure
October 16, 2023

Accelerate Your Response with IBM Security QRadar

Timing is everything. Manual investigations of cyberattacks significantly slow down your #threatresponse time, putting your business at a much higher risk of a successful breach. Watch the demo 👇 to see how @IBM Security #QRadar accelerates response time and mitigates risk.
October 16, 2023

What is the metaverse?

One definition of the metaverse is that it's a version of the internet we're inside. Watch the video for additional insight and DM us to find out how a Mesh for @Microsoft Teams expert from Digital6 Technologies can help you plan an effective metaverse strategy. #hybridwork
October 16, 2023

Azure Migrate: The Hub for Cloud Migration and Modernization

Cloud migrations don't have to be quite so complicated. With @Microsoft Azure, migration can be simpler, more secure and less disruptive. Watch this video to see. 👇 Tell us how we can help get you on the path.