January 23, 2023

Control Shadow IT Risk

69% of organizations have been breached as a result of #ShadowIT—the unknown risks you cannot see that hackers exploit. To eliminate shadow risk, you need full #visibility into your true attack surface. @IBM & Randori show you what hackers see, including your weakest points and where you're most likely to be attacked.
January 17, 2023

Take Control of Your Attack Surface

As your business grows, your attack perimeter expands—significantly increasing the risk of cyberattacks that can wreak havoc on your operations and finances. The solution is to gain full #visibility and tight control over your attack surface. To learn more, book a free demo with an expert at Digital6 Technologies.
January 17, 2023

82% of Gigamon Customers Reduced Traffic to their Tools by 25% or More

IT decisionmakers: are you looking to reduce traffic to your tool set? Gigamon helps customers see a 25% or more reduction. Comment 👇 if you would like more information. #networkvisibility #cloudvisibility
January 17, 2023

Visibility as Code

In this short demo video, you'll see how #Gigamon Hawk's elastic visibility solution helps organizations quickly scale up and scale out. Ready to find out how Gigamon Hawk can increase your network agility and security? Contact a Digital6 Technologies expert for details. #hybridcloud #GigamonHawk
January 17, 2023

Citrix in Retail: Nudie Jeans

Desktop as a Service allows a business to meet their hybrid workforce needs and accelerate IT modernization. How would your organization use DaaS? If you'd like some ideas, Digital6 Technologies suggests downloading this customer success brief about how Nudie Jeans uses @Citrix to provide a secure, sustainable desktop for employees wherever they are, enabling international expansion and flexible remote work.
January 16, 2023

Gigamon ROI

👋We want your feedback.   Is your capacity to accelerate your company's digital transformation constrained by a frozen IT budget that's preventing you from upgrading your network? 🤔 Gigamon has the silver bullet solution every IT team facing this challenge should seriously explore. 👍 With #Gigamon, you can grow your network and increase reliability without increasing the number of tools on the network—saving your company substantial money. 💪 Watch this short video on Gigamon ROI to discover how to upgrade your network and cut costs, all while delivering superior business results. 👏 #cybersecurity #ROI
January 16, 2023

 Manage Network Traffic with Advanced Intelligence

IT managers: Tell us the biggest challenge you face in managing network traffic. Visibility? Security? Speed? Something else? 🤔 #GigaSMART improves every facet of traffic management with advanced intelligence. See how. 👇
January 16, 2023

Why the Future of Retail Must be Built on Digital Foundations

COVID-19 altered the retail landscape overnight, compelling businesses to rapidly embrace digital technologies and reassess operations. For insights into this profound digital shift, Digital6 Technologies suggests reading this @Citrix blog that highlights why companies that transform digitally are in the best position to succeed during the next decade.