June 10, 2024

NVIDIA Rapids Accelerator for Apache Spark

Wish you could accelerate your retail data analysis workloads? The @NVIDIA RAPIDS Accelerator speeds data analytics workflows for GPU-accelerated infrastructure. By operating as a plug-in to Apache Spark platforms, it accelerates workflows without requiring code changes. Learn more in this NVIDIA solution brief. 🚀
June 10, 2024

How Cloud Computing Has Intensified Cybersecurity Challenges

Cloud computing brings many benefits to businesses and consumers. But it also created new #cybersecurity challenges. Get a jump on cyber threats. Read this article to learn about cloud security threats. @Microsoft Security
June 10, 2024

Windows 11 Pro lets SUSI&James transform business communication

How does #AI innovator SUSI&James secure confidential information? Get lessons learned in this customer story showing how SUSI&James benefits from @Microsoft Windows 11's embedded hardware security and other protections.
June 10, 2024

Driving Agility in Retail with AI

How can digital twins help transform your retail strategy? Find out in this eBook of retail use cases for @NVIDIA Omniverse, a simulation platform for creating digital twins of stores, warehouses and other retail operations. 🏪
June 4, 2024

What is Azure OpenAI Service?

Facebook/LinkedIn Status Message (up to 620 characters) AI-enabled applications are helping organizations with a wide range of jobs, from customer service and marketing to logistics planning and IT security, to name just a few. Want to know how it can help your organization? Get this infographic to learn how you can leverage @Microsoft @Microsoft Azure OpenAI service in your organization. 👉
June 3, 2024

How can leveraging AI as a platform help you build a smarter bank?

Financial services companies are adopting AI at a rapid rate to automate and streamline all sorts of processes. How can leveraging #AI as a platform help you build a smarter bank? Leave us a reply. @NVIDIA