June 20, 2022

Cybersecurity and Zero Trust

7%. That's the percentage of businesses that know where their sensitive data is in the hybrid cloud. Let's address the cyber security elephant in the room. Do you know where your sensitive data is, and do you have the necessary capabilities to adequately protect it? Watch this to learn how Zero Trust can help you tackle this major issue that's leaving you vulnerable to evolving cyber threats. #ZeroTrust
June 20, 2022

HPE Discover 2022 the Edge-To-Cloud Conference in Las Vegas, June 28-30

Where and when will you find the best of edge, cloud and everything in between all in one place? Join Digital6 Technologies NEXT WEEK at @HPE Discover 2022 — Live IN Las Vegas, June 28-30. Don't miss it. Register today!
June 14, 2022

HPE Alletra — Power Your Data from Edge to Cloud

Click 👍 if you think storage and data management complexity are impeding your digital transformation. IT decision makers agree, and @Hewlett Packard Enterprise Alletra is the answer. Comment if you'd like to discuss how Digital6 Technologies can help customize a pay-as-you-go service solution for your org. #HPE #Alletra
June 13, 2022

Raise Your SIEMs IQ While Improving Their ROI

For your SIEM to work optimally, you need a critical mass of data across a range of applications and solutions. Digital6 Technologies recommends getting this whitepaper to learn how Gigamon tools provide the contextual insight into application metadata your organization needs to optimize SIEM effectiveness. #SIEM #Gigamon
June 13, 2022

Get Behind the Shield of IBM Security

The right cyber security solutions will help you thrive in the face of uncertainty. Watch this video to learn how @IBM helps your business tackle today's toughest security threats. #cybersecurity #IBMSecurity
June 13, 2022

Johns Hopkins Medical Institution Improves Network Health with Gigamon Visibility

 How can you better support network traffic and improve network health? A provider of Gigamon solutions, Digital6 Technologies getting this customer story to learn from the experience of Johns Hopkins Medical Institution, which uses Gigamon solutions to improve network monitoring and application security. #networkmonitoring #security
June 13, 2022

HPE Alletra: Power Data from Edge to Cloud

Meet #Alletra and ⚡️ ignite a cloud experience that 🚙drives innovative applications and ⛽️fuels digital transformation. Watch the video. Click 👍 if you're ready to 🔌plug in your organization withDigital6 Technologies and @Hewlett Packard Enterprise.
June 13, 2022

The 5 Most Hotly Contested Security Trends and Questions

The only constant in today's cybersecurity landscape is change. If you settle into a single viewpoint in your cybersecurity strategy, you can elevate one source of risk into something unrealistic—all while missing other digital threats. Don't let your business get left behind. Get the answers to the top 5 questions that are shaping the cyber security space here: #Cybersecurity
June 7, 2022

  Run Fast, Stay Secure and Optimize with Gigamon

 How can you stay secure and optimize your network to adapt quickly to rapid change? Watch this video to see how Pete — a fictional SecOps manager — was able to improve network performance and enhance security with Gigamon solutions. Contact Digital6 Technologies to discuss next steps. #security #Gigamon