July 10, 2023

JABLOTRON SECURITY Reduces Operating Costs and Environmental Footprint

When JABLOTRON SECURITY wanted to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact, it moved to @VMware vSAN. Get the story to learn from the security provider's experience using VMware technology to reduce operating costs by 40%.
July 10, 2023

Let’s Explore Microsoft Teams

Are your business collaborations a little light on creating, exchanging and sharing ideas? Learn how you can get more out of your collaborations with @Microsoft Teams. When you're done watching the video, DM us to find out how a Microsoft Teams expert from Digital6 Technologies can help you make your hybrid work collaborations more engaging and productive. #MicrosoftTeams
July 10, 2023

Accelerated security threat detection and priority response

When a major real estate investment firm sought a security solution to address its scores of challenges—including siloed #securitydata and alerts, and false positives—it ultimately decided to go with QRadar #SIEM from @IBM. Here's why:
July 10, 2023

Complimentary Hybrid Cloud Strategy Consultation

Implementing a hybrid model comes with infrastructure management challenges including more operational complexity and security risks. At VMware Cloud, we understand these challenges and offer the expertise and solutions to help you make a smooth transition. Receive a free hybrid cloud migration consultation when you schedule direct. @VMware Cloud
July 4, 2023

Free Cloud Migration Assessment

For decades, technology has been positioned as something to fear rather than embrace on the frontlines. Book a meeting to discuss how the team at Digital6 Technologies can help you use @Microsoft technology to streamline daily tasks for frontline workers.
July 4, 2023

Engineering Firm in Bangladesh Employs Cloud Solutions to Streamline Daily Operations

Looking for an efficient way to migrate to the cloud on your own terms? Read how a growing engineering firm in Bangladesh enjoyed a flexible and smooth migration journey with @Microsoft Azure. When you're done, get in touch for an in-depth consultation from a Microsoft Azure expert at Digital6 Technologies. #Azure #cloud
July 4, 2023

IBM Security QRadar SIEM Overview

By monitoring & correlating threat intel, network, and user behavior anomalies, #QRadar #SIEM solution from @IBM prioritizes high-fidelity alerts—significantly improving SecOps efficiency and alleviating the dreaded #alertfatigue.
July 3, 2023

RBC creates personalized offers while protecting data privacy with Azure confidential computing

With Microsoft @Azure confidential computing, Royal Bank of Canada delivers real-time, personalized offers while protecting client data and confidentiality. How does your organization protect data and confidentiality? If you're looking for a better way, watch this video and when you're done, contact a @Microsoft Azure confidential computing expert from Digital6 Technologies who can help your organization share and aggregate data more efficiently and intelligently. #Azure