August 23, 2022

#AI and #ML have transformed cybersecurity, but can cybersecurity be close to 100% autonomous with increasingly complex IT infrastructure? Let us know what you think 👇. #ReaQta

#AI and #ML have transformed cybersecurity, but can cybersecurity be close to 100% autonomous in today's increasingly complex IT landscape? Let us know in the comments if you think manual processes will soon be completely removed from cybersecurity management. #ReaQta
August 22, 2022

Rethink the Workday with Citrix and Microsoft Teams

There's a better world in the workplace, built on an employee experience using collaboration and a more efficient digital workspace. Check out this solution brief about how, by combining @Citrix Workspace with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, employees have unified access to the applications, content and collaboration services they need for productivity anywhere they choose. #CitrixWorkspace #MicrosoftTeams #digitalexperience
August 22, 2022

Managing the Madness of Migrating to the Cloud

With cyberattacks up 400 percent compared to pre-COVID days, threat actors have been shooting for threes and boxing out the competition left and right. To get back on offense, visibility is the slam dunk solution to ensuring a successful cloud migration. With Gigamon #Hawk, Digital6 Technologies helps close #hybridcloud visibility gaps. This blog gives a quick look at how. Check it out and contact us to learn how we can help you see, secure and automate #cloud operations at scale. #CloudVisibility #Hawk
August 22, 2022

5 Ways Citrix Workspace and Microsoft Teams Enable People to Do Their Best Work

Hybrid work is here to stay. In this new normal, how do you enable employees to do their best work? Consider sharing your ideas. To see how they compare, view this infographic from Citrix showing 5 ways @Citrix Workspace Workspace and Microsoft Teams deliver digital workspace and collaboration tools focused on helping employees make personal progress. #CitrixWorkspace #MicrosoftTeams #digitalworkspace
August 22, 2022

IBM Security ReaQta shows best-in-class capabilities

DYK: 67% of organizations saw attack surface expansion over the past 2 years? That's why many are turning to AI-powered security solutions like ReaQta from @IBM to provide complete coverage of sophisticated attacks with virtually no human intervention while producing top-quality alerts. Learn more here: #ReaQta #AI
August 16, 2022

Unified Endpoint Management Solutions

The need to better secure and manage mobile work styles + the need to improve employee experiences are the key themes driving interest in UEM. Simplifying and unifying how the different endpoints and applications employees use can be managed and secured has become a vital digital objective for organizations. Here's how different solutions measure up in the current market: #UEM
August 15, 2022

 Ensuring Trust and Security in Enterprise IT and the Cloud

Do you have the most critical cloud and data security tools in your arsenal? Do you even know what they are? Modern security is defense in depth and you need a myriad of tools to keep incidents at bay. Digital6 Technologies encourages you to watch this Webinar hosted by BrightTALK and presented by Gigamon to find out about most innovative cloud security, storage, networking, data protection, and management solutions you need to complete your security puzzle. #cloudsecurity #hybridcloud
August 15, 2022

Deliver a Better Employee Experience

It's clear employees can benefit from well-being tools to help manage workday challenges, especially in the age of hybrid work. But how do you deliver these tools without too big a lift? With @Citrix Workspace, you can create digital workspaces with well-being built in. This solution brief gives an example. After reviewing the use case, get in touch to set up a time to discuss how Digital6 Technologies can help you address your employee wellness goals. #CitrixWorkspace #hybridwork
August 15, 2022

Zero Trust Perspectives

 Zero Trust is not a product, it's a journey to a more secure cloud environment. The assumptions we used to make about what's secure no longer hold true in today's hybrid cloud world. Continuous monitoring and visibility are a must. In this interview with Dark Reading, Gigamon's CTO describes the 4 key steps on the road to Zero Trust. Contact us if you want to start the journey! Watch now -> #hybridcloud #zerotrust #gigamon